A male soccer player holds a ball on wide angle panoramic image of a outdoor soccer stadium outdoor stadium or arena full of spectators under a dramatic stormy evening sky at sunset. The image has depth of field with the focus on the foreground part of the pitch. With intentional lensflare

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Nos recruteurs présents au Showcase 2020


Just wanted to let you know the showcase this weekend was excellent. Based on what I saw we plan on attending the showcase every year and developing a relationship with you with recruiting, player representation and friendly games.
Robert Dow
University Vermont
First just want to say that myself and the other coaches from Bridgeport were very impressed with the showcase today. The level was very good and we are excited to work with you and Soccer Placement. Once again Thank you for an amazing weekend, I know I can speak for Magnus, Scott, and myself when I say we will all be back next year
Tommy Mattera
University of Bridgeport
Je suis très satisfaite du Showcase. Grâce à cet événement, mon avenir se dessine tranquillement. Les entraîneurs et tout le staff était extraordinaire, vous nous rendiez alaise rapidement et selon moi, c’est un gros plus.