A male soccer player holds a ball on wide angle panoramic image of a outdoor soccer stadium outdoor stadium or arena full of spectators under a dramatic stormy evening sky at sunset. The image has depth of field with the focus on the foreground part of the pitch. With intentional lensflare

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Ce qu'ils ont dit lors de notre Showcase 2020

Nicole Krueger - AKRON university

« My impressions of the weekend were that there was a lot of quality players, the possession on the ball, the movement, all of that stuff was really well done. Goalkeeping on both sides was great. »

Jonathan Walker - Memphis university

« Overall very good, tactical, technically clean. It was a good expérience. Yesterday was more small-sided: 3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5. Got to see the goalkeepers a bit, so it is always nice to see how it really works on the big field. Because at the end of the day, that’s how we play. »